Upcoming Events

Fall 2014

Friday September 5th: CAM talk, Dr T.V. Buttrey
Title: "Caesar at Play: Three Instances in 44 BC"
11am, level 5, The Italian Academy

"A glimpse at the workings of Caesar's mind, through the consideration of three problems which he faced -- regarding the dictatorship, the presentation of the diadem at the Lupercalia, and the manipulation of the coinage -- and his imaginative and ingenious solutions."

Friday September 12th: CAM talk, Dr Anna Boozer (Baruch College, CUNY)
Title: "An Archaeology of Imperial Borderlands: A View from Roman Egypt and Sudan"
11am, level 5, The Italian Academy

Friday October 10th: CAM talk, Professor Carlos Amunategui (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) 
Title: "Property and the Middle Class in the Roman Republic"
11am, level 5, The Italian Academy

Friday October 24th: CAM talk, Emeritus Professor Alan Cameron (Columbia University)
Title: "A New Codex of the Poet Palladas"
11am, level 5, The Italian Academy

Friday November 21st: Columbia's Dig at Villa Adriana: a Preliminary Report
11am, level 5, The Italian Academy

Friday December 5th: CAM talk, Professor Kim Haines-Eitzen (Cornell)
Title: TBA
11am, level 5, The Italian Academy


CAM Trip, Jordan and Israel 2014, RETROSPECTIVE
(See photo below of trip members in Petra, May 2014; Photo: Evan Jewell).
For further information about any of these events contact the Coordinator of the Center,
Evan Jewell (elj2121@columbia.edu).


Annual CAM Trip, May 2014 - Israel and Jordan

Click "Read More" below to see a photo of members of the 2014 CAM trip to Israel and Jordan in front of Al-Khazneh ("The Treasury") in Petra, May 2014. From left to right clockwise: Professor Francesco de Angelis (Art Hist. & Arch.), Evan Jewell (Classical Studies), Irene San Pietro (Classical Studies), Jeremy Simmons (Classical Studies), Amanda Hall (History), Emily Cook (Art Hist. & Arch.), Professor Annetta Alexandridis (Cornell - Art History), Clare Kobasa (Art Hist. & Arch.), Barbara Vinck (Classics), and Simone Oppen (Classics).