Upcoming Events

Spring 2015

March 6: Asli Ozyar, "Monument and Memory in Iron Age Cilicia: The gates of Azatiwataya”. 11am, Level 5 Seminar Room, The Italian Academy.
March 23: Martin Zimmermann, "Augustus: The First Roman Emperor and Organized Forgetting". 6pm, location TBD. Co-sponsored by Columbia Art History & Archaeology, Classical Studies Program, and CAM.

April 17-19: Conference, Pain and Pleasure in Classical Antiquity.
April 24: Giusto Traina, "How far could a Greek see? Strabo, Armenia, and the margins of the known world". 11am, Level 5 Seminar Room, The Italian Academy.
Associated events:
Tuesday 10 March: the IEEE History Center at Stevens Institute of Technology is hosting a one-day interdisciplinary symposium on "Revisiting the Athenian Trireme: Origins, Engineering and Role in World History"  on the Stevens Campus in Hoboken, NJ (minutes from NYC and easily accessible by PATH and New Jersey Transit).  The symposium will feature a distinguished panel consisting of an archaeologist, an engineer, and an historian, as well as Stevens students presenting posters on a term project to explore the engineering design of the trireme.  Lunch is included in the nominal fee and advance registration is required.  More information and registration can be found on the attached flyer or at the reservation site: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/revisting-the-athenian-trireme-origins-engineering-and-role-in-world-history-tickets-15438706587
Thursday 12 March: "Civic Corpses: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Imperial Gabii (Italy)", Kristina Killgrove (University of West Florida). 12:15pm - The Heyman Center, Second Floor Common Room. http://societyoffellows.columbia.edu/events/civic-corpses/

Thursday 16 April: "Senatorial Audiences and the Limits of Political Patience", Craige Champion (Syracuse University). 12.15pm - The Heyman Center, Second Floor Common Room. http://societyoffellows.columbia.edu/events/senatorial-audiences-and-the...

For further information about any of these events contact the Coordinator of the Center,
Evan Jewell (elj2121@columbia.edu).


Annual CAM Trip, May 2014 - Israel and Jordan

Click "Read More" below to see a photo of members of the 2014 CAM trip to Israel and Jordan in front of Al-Khazneh ("The Treasury") in Petra, May 2014. From left to right clockwise: Professor Francesco de Angelis (Art Hist. & Arch.), Evan Jewell (Classical Studies), Irene San Pietro (Classical Studies), Jeremy Simmons (Classical Studies), Amanda Hall (History), Emily Cook (Art Hist. & Arch.), Professor Annetta Alexandridis (Cornell - Art History), Clare Kobasa (Art Hist. & Arch.), Barbara Vinck (Classics), and Simone Oppen (Classics).