Upcoming Events

Fall 2015

September 18: Verity Platt (Cornell) - "Of Sponges and Stones: Matter and Ornament in Roman Painting"

October 9: Noel Lenski (Yale)

November 6: Serdar Yalcin (ANE) - “Profession as Identity: Specialists and their Seals in the Ancient Near East.”

November 13: Anna Marmodoro (Oxford)
Spring 2016 (tentative schedule):
February 5: William Van Andringa (Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3, France / Princeton IAS).
February 26: Judith Mossman (Nottingham, UK).

March 4: K. Vogt (Columbia).
March 25: Martti Nissinen (Helsinki / Princeton IAS).

April 1: Paul Kosmin (Harvard).

New Publications

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Newly published from the Center: Across the Ocean: Nine essays on Indo-Mediterranean Trade, edited by Federico De Romanis and Marco Maiuro (Brill, 2015). (This volume is a result of the proceedings of a CAM conference).

Annual CAM Trip, May 2014 - Israel and Jordan

Click "Read More" below to see a photo of members of the 2014 CAM trip to Israel and Jordan in front of Al-Khazneh ("The Treasury") in Petra, May 2014. From left to right clockwise: Professor Francesco de Angelis (Art Hist. & Arch.), Evan Jewell (Classical Studies), Irene San Pietro (Classical Studies), Jeremy Simmons (Classical Studies), Amanda Hall (History), Emily Cook (Art Hist. & Arch.), Professor Annetta Alexandridis (Cornell - Art History), Clare Kobasa (Art Hist. & Arch.), Barbara Vinck (Classics), and Simone Oppen (Classics).