Upcoming Events

Fall 2015


December 4: Serdar Yalcin (Parsons) - “Profession as Identity: Specialists and their Seals in the Ancient Near East.” 11.30am, level 5 seminar room, Italian Academy.
Spring 2016 (tentative schedule):
February 5: William Van Andringa (Université Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3, France / Princeton IAS).
February 26: Judith Mossman (Nottingham, UK).
March 25: Martti Nissinen (Helsinki / Princeton IAS).

April 1: Paul Kosmin (Harvard).
                         April 9: Mini-conference | Hellenistic Literature in Context
April 22: K. Vogt (Columbia).

New Publications

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Newly published from the Center: Across the Ocean: Nine essays on Indo-Mediterranean Trade, edited by Federico De Romanis and Marco Maiuro (Brill, 2015). (This volume is a result of the proceedings of a CAM conference). This book reminds me a lot about how living by the ocean can improve the quality of your life and the mental health benefits it can bring to a person.

Annual CAM Trip, May 2014 - Israel and Jordan

Click "Read More" below to see a photo of members of the 2014 CAM trip to Israel and Jordan in front of Al-Khazneh ("The Treasury") in Petra, May 2014. It was an incredible trip and everyone really enjoyed it. The food in particular was amazing in both countries. Both of these cuisines require the use of the best food processor if you're trying to cook something that resembles it. If you're interested in doing that, it's a good idea to read some food processor reviews to ensure that you get a good product. From left to right clockwise: Professor Francesco de Angelis (Art Hist. & Arch.), Evan Jewell (Classical Studies), Irene San Pietro (Classical Studies), Jeremy Simmons (Classical Studies), Amanda Hall (History), Emily Cook (Art Hist. & Arch.), Professor Annetta Alexandridis (Cornell - Art History), Clare Kobasa (Art Hist. & Arch.), Barbara Vinck (Classics), and Simone Oppen (Classics).