Ancient art and architecture of the Mediterranean and the Middle East; colonial, postcolonial theory and criticism, gender and feminist theories

Roman Art and Archaeology

Early Christian, Byzantine and Western Medieval Art and Archaeology

Iconography of the divine in ancient Greece; Architectural development of Greek sanctuaries; the archaeology of the Peloponnese

Latin Literature; Hellenistic Poetry; History of Classical Scholarship

Classical Latin Poetry, especially Elegy; Silver Latin Poetry; Senecan Prose

Latin poetry of the late Republican and early Imperial periods; Archaic and Hellenistic Greek literature; ancient science (especially astronomy and astrology); poetics; the history of ideas

Archaic and Classical Greek Literature; Greek Religion and Mythology; Epinician Poetry

Greek Drama; Greek and Roman Comic Literature; Classics in Translation and the Classical Tradition; The History of Ideas

Greek Tragedy and comedy; Greek Novel; Mythology; Plutarch

Herodotus; Archaic Greek Poetry and History; Greek Tragedy

Greek Prose, Ancient Philosophy, Rhetoric; Theories and Practices of Performance; Genre; Gender; Punishment and Imprisonment

Visiting Lecturer

Greek Drama (especially Tragedy and New Comedy); Hellenistic Poetry; Homer; Greek Lyric and Elegiac Poetry; Greek and Latin Metrics; Ancient Literary Criticism and Scholarship

Jewish social, political and cultural history, in the period between Alexander the Great and the rise of Islam

Ancient Near Eastern History

Ancient Greek and Roman History; the social and economic history of the hellenistic kingdoms and the Roman Empire; Roman Archaeology

Ancient Greek and Roman History

Ancient Greek and Roman History, Greek Epigraphy


Ancient philosophy, in all its periods

Renaissance humanism; history of rhetoric; hermeneutics; ancient literary theory; history of classical scholarship